" Jo Oosthuizen is a world-class camera operator—handheld, studio mode, steadicam—he does it all with skill. He has a great eye for composition and is able to take whatever direction he gets and turn it into a good shot. He is not afraid to use his initiative when decisions have to be made in the moment. I was really impressed with his work with the Arri Trinity rig. We were able to get shots with it that one of our directors thought would only be possible with a Technocrane. It is a really useful tool, and Jo has mastered it "
Jim Denault ASC
"The Looming Tower"


Based in Cape Town - South Africa

Jo Oosthuizen is a multi Primetime Emmy nominated Camera Operator who lives for cinematic images. 

Jo has been a Camera Operator since 2005, a Steadicam Operator since 2008 and in 2016 he upgraded to the latest and most advanced camera stabilizing system by ARRI called the TRINITY. The ARRI TRINITY is revolutionizing the Steadicam industry and gives the director endless new possibilities when it comes to seamless camera movement and achieving interesting camera angles quickly.

Jo’s passion, positive energy and incredible focus on set has become his trademark.


“A” Camera | Trinity Operator

“B” Camera | Trinity Operator

“B”Camera | Trinity Operator

Trinity Operator – 2nd Unit

“B”Camera | Trinity Operator

“A” Camera | Trinity Operator

“B”Camera | Trinity Operator

“A”Camera | Trinity operator I 2nd Unit DOP

“A”Camera | Trinity Operator

“A”Camera | Trinity Operator

“B”Camera | Trinity Operator

“B”camera | Trinity Operator


ARRI Alexa Mini LF


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